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EverBelle™ At-Home High Frequency Device
EverBelle™ At-Home High Frequency Device
EverBelle™ At-Home High Frequency Device
EverBelle™ At-Home High Frequency Device
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EverBelle™ At-Home High Frequency Device

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Fancy a professional-level skincare treatment from the comfort of your own home?

Reap unrivaled results with our high-frequency facial device that is specially crafted to target those pesky pimples and unwanted signs of aging – leaving your skin looking seriously smooth and youthful!

This miracle device is able to effectively treat existing skin concerns while facilitating faster healing of emerging blemishes – stimulating cell production to prevent further wrinkles from forming.

How your high-frequency facial device works

A totally pain-free treatment, allow the electrode wands to deliver small yet high-frequency currents to the skin to increase oxygenation, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Not only does it improve the appearance of lines and pimples, but you’ll see a significant improvement in your skin after just one session!

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Enjoy its benefits!

✔️  Get rid of pimples fast!

✔️  Oxygenates and purifies your skin

✔️  Reduce the appearance of fine lines

✔️  Rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level

✔️  Boost collagen in your skin

✔️  Remove Dark Spots

✔️  Improve circulation and reduce inflammation


What Is High-Frequency Treatment For Hair?

The everbelleskin's high-frequency is an intensive hair therapy used to treat hair loss, hair thinning, dandruff, and alopecia. It uses ultra-violet and high-frequency rays to stimulate the hair follicles. The treatment boosts blood supply to the hair follicles, drawing nutrients to the roots, encouraging hair growth.

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Improve Skincare Product Penetration and Absorption

Creams and serums sit on the skin’s surface, but high-frequency currents penetrate the skin to ensure the best results possible, as well as improving your skin’s receptiveness to other products. No need to spend a fortune at the spa to obtain beautiful skin, simply unleash the power of high-frequency!

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Why everbelleskin's High Frequency?

✔️ Treats Naturally. The device supercharges the adenosine triphosphate or ATP to intensify the turnover of cells and slow down skin aging.

✔️ Easy To Use. From changing glass attachments to practical usage, anyone can make use of the therapy device and add it to his or her skincare routine.

✔️ Cost-Effective. A High-Frequency facial at a spa can range from $100 to $300 per treatment, and it is recommended to receive this treatment at least 3 times a week. So do the math! For only $89.95 you get unlimited sessions.

✔️ Portable. This whole set can be brought along even to your travels so you can continue using it daily.

✔️ Versatile. Anyone from homemakers, students, professionals, and workers who are often exposed to various daily stresses can make use of the device. 


How To Use

Our high-frequency facial device is ultra-simple to use and delivers professional results right from your home without the fuss.

  • First, remove any makeup and cleanse your skin, before making sure your skin is completely dry.
  • Insert the attachment best suited to your needs and gradually turn on the power dial (start on a lower setting if it is your first time using the device)
  • Place a section of gauze or cotton over the area which you wish to treat
  • Move the wand in gentle, circular motions over the affected area for 1-3 minutes
  • Apply your skincare products as normal and see a visible difference in your skin!

What’s included?

This high-frequency facial device comes with four different attachments, tailored specially to target certain areas of the face. Alongside the EverBelle handle, you’ll receive:

  • Mushroom Wand: treat larger areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead
  • The Comb Wand: stimulate the hair follicles and improve growth
  • The Curved Wand: target specific imperfections and reduce their appearance quickly
  • The Tongue Wand: an additional way to treat and cure skin imperfections


We offer a Risk-free 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on our product. If there is something wrong with your order, you’ll get your money back! There’s absolutely no risk in giving it a try. 

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Great for the Mid-30's slump

In my mid-30's, I have definitely noticed some fat loss in my face as well as a teeny but of sagging, sun spots and adult acne. This this is great for all of those things. It dries up pimples pretty quick, makes skin tighter, and diminishes sagging. Still waiting to see how much my spots fade.

Just started using this but can feel it working.

The wand was warm on my scalp. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I was pretty nervous to use this but after I gave it some time it became natural. I also liked how it felt on my skin. I didn’t feel any tingling or shocking (that’s what I was afraid of) but I also had it on the lowest frequency.

IT WORKS!!!!!!

Love Love Love! Fabulous product! Works wonderfully in conjunction with my existing skincare regime. Multi-purpose product, acne/blemish, fine lines & wrinkles, skin tightening, hair growth stimulator...wonder wand! Began with lowest setting & gradually increasing intensity. even on lowest setting, Noticed skin tightening results immediately! Very clear & easy to understand instructions.

This is a must have for acne sufferers!

After hearing so many praises about high frequency and how they help with acne I decided to splurge and buy this. I am very happy with this product! I recommend getting face gauze to use as well so the glass pieces stay clean and it glides easier over your face. Start on a low setting for the first few days then gradually make it stronger. Don’t rush and no it doesn’t hurt

Works better then any product I've used

was tired of hair products and creams that promise and the only thing I got were rashes. I've been using the Derma Wand for a short time, and I can say I love it. I've seen the small lines on my upper lip beginning to fade. My grand child is using it for her acne and we're amazed at how fast she saw results. Better than any topical product she has ever used.